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Small bits and fragments of feeling, starting at his fingertips, then spreading throughout his body.  

Now, thoughts.

Opening his eyes, he saw his room.  He was in his bed.  Sasuke looked around from his position and saw a bucket of water next to the bed with a used washcloth draped sloppily over the side of the bucket.  It was dark in the room.
“You’re awake,” he heard.  Sasuke averted his eyes to see Naruto sitting I a corner across the room.
“I-I’m alive?” he asked quietly.  Naruto, seemingly uncomfortable with the question, slowly got up and sat down in a chair next to Sasuke’s bed.  
“About being ‘alive’… a way, you sort of , well…..aren’t,” he mumbled.  Sasuke sat up and turned to face him.
“What do you mean?  I’m here, aren’t I?” he countered.  Naruto was silent for another moment or two.
“What all do you remember from what happened after the party?” he asked slowly.  Sasuke closed his eyes and racked his brain for anything he could remember from that night.
“I was leaving early, attacked by a Michael Jackson impersonator, then he bit me, and…uh…”
“No, it’s okay!  That’s all need to hear, really.  Don’t need to stress yourself.  You know, now that I think about it, can you remember what the man looked like?”
“Um……long, black hair, pale face, crazy purple eye makeup, and he looked like he was in his fifties.”  Naruto looked away for a moment.
“It was Orochimaru?” he mumbled.
“What does this have to do with anything?  Naruto, you are not telling me something.  What is it?” Sasuke demanded.  
“Okay, I’m just going to come right out and say it.  That man that bit you—he isn’t fifty.  He’s actually at least 5000 years old.”
“How is that possible?” Sasuke asked, feeling a bit skeptic.  Naruto took a deep breath.
“Well……he’s a vampire.”
“A vampire?”
“Yes.  And since he bit you, you, to, Sasuke, are a vampire.”  Sasuke let out a harsh laugh.  He got up and walked across the room to go and open the curtains.
“Good one, dobe; please, a vampire?  That’s crazy!” he said.  
But the moment he opened the curtains, and the late-morning sunlight hit is hands and for arms, things started happening.  The sun-exposed skin slowly started to singe, and then it was burning, and before he knew it, his hands burst into flames.  Sasuke quickly jumped back into the shadows of his room and stared at his hands.  As Naruto rushed over and closed the curtains back up, Sasuke watched as the pale skin on his hands slowly began to heal back, and make it look like nothing had ever happened.  He could almost still feel the sting of the fire.  
“Wha—what was that?” he asked, out of breath.  Naruto turned to him again.
“Your body still isn’t used to the venom that Orochimaru injected into your bloodstream from when he was feeding on you.  I already told you, Sasuke; you are a vampire.  Any questions?”  Sasuke slowly made his way back to his bed, still staring at his hand.
“How do you know so much about all of this?”  Naruto came over and sat back down on the chair next to the bed.
“Well, believe it or not, my father was a vampire, so I’ve inherited a couple of traits that a vampire has.”
“You’re part vampire?” Sasuke asked, astounded.  “What did you inherit?”  Naruto thought to himself for a moment.
“Let’s see…speed, some strength, strong sense of smell, and I think that’s about it!” he answered cheerily.
“What will I be able to do as a vampire?” Sasuke asked, mostly to himself.  Naruto leaned back in the wooden chair.
“Well, you’re going to be eighteen forever—you won’t age at all.  Inhuman strength and sped, all of you senses will strengthen one-hundred fold; that’s all I can remember.  Soon, you’ll be able to go out into sunlight for periods of time without combusting, depending when you last fed,” he said casually.  Sasuke has a sudden thought occur to him and his face scrunched up in disgust.   
“I don’t have to drink blood, do I?”
“I know it sounds gross, but you’re supposed to like it; wait right here.”  Naruto was gone and back in less than one second flat with a bag of red liquid in his hand.  He tossed it to Sasuke, who caught it with sharp reflexes.  “Drink up!” he chimed.  Sasuke took one look at the bag of blood and mentally cringed.
“How do I-?”
“You bite into it,” Naruto answered quickly.  “Though, you might want to take it to the bathroom—since it’s your first, you might spill a little,” he said while walking out of the room.  ‘Maybe I should have gotten him a sippie cup?’ Naruto wondered.
Sasuke walked down the hall and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him.  He brought the bag up to his face.  ‘Sense of smell?’ he smelled the bag; nothing.  Then another thought came to his mind.  With his thumb, he turned his upper lip out of the way, showing his teeth.  ‘Nope, no fangs.’   He looked again and his ‘meal’.  Brining the bottom corner of the bag up to his mouth, he pit into the plastic. Then he started to suck out the contents.
It tasted so wonderful!  To him, it was like a little kid trying cotton candy for the first time.  It was tart, but it was also sweet at the same time.  Sasuke used his other hand to squeeze more of the blood out of the bag, desperately wanting more.  Before he knew it, the blood was gone, drained from the bag.  He got a wet washcloth to clean the blood that had drizzled from the corners of his mouth, but he licked what was left off of his fingers, trying to savor the taste.  
After cleaning up a bit more, Sasuke walked downstairs to find Naruto on the phone and jotting down notes of something.  He ended his conversation after Sasuke walked into the kitchen.  “Who were you just on the phone with?” he questioned.  Naruto was quiet for a moment before he answered with,
“The members of the Sheytes dynasty in London.”
“Isn’t that an ancient Islam group?” he asked, remembering something from History class.
“No, you’re thinking of the Shiites.  The Sheytes have been around for much longer.”
So much for remembering what he learned—plus, Naruto remembered!  “Why were you talking to them?”
               “I had some questions on how to raise a newborn vampire, like you.  You see, the dynasty has sent people all over the world to watch out for new vamps and to raise them up to the proper beliefs on how we should live, or ‘survive’, I should say.  They want to keep the existence of vampires unknown to humans and they can’t do that when people like Orochimaru are going out and biting people at random.”  Sasuke leaned against the wall, arms crossed over his chest.  He eyed Naruto,
             “You really know a lot about this, don’t you?”  Naruto shrugged modestly.
             “Not really; Iruka knows so much more—he’s a full vampire.”
             “Is that why I’ve never seen him outside your house?  Because of the sun?”  Naruto grinned.
             “Oh, he goes outside sometimes, he just prefers the indoors.  He says there isn’t too much to do in a town like this.  You’ll have to talk to him about everything; your life is about to change drastically!”  There was a knock on the door, and before Sasuke could blink, Naruto was already there answering it.  “Iruka?” the blonde greeted, confused.  The man was lready in the kitchen.
            “Hello, Sasuke, it’s good to see you again.”
             “What are you doing here, Iruka?” Naruto asked, back in the kitchen.  He turned towards the blonde, face unusually serious.  
             “I just received a call from the dynasty Elders saying you called them asking how to deal with a newborn.  Do you have anything to say, Naruto?” he interrogated, becoming angrier by the second.
             “Hey, this isn’t my fault!  Orochimaru was in town a few nights ago ad bit Sasuke over there!”  Iruka glanced at Sasuke for a brief second.
             “Yes, I know.”
            “Then why are you getting mad with me?!”
            “Because a) it’s my job to raise newborns, and b) Orochimaru didn’t bite Sasuke for the sake of hunting; there is a much bigger reason behind it all.” Iruka turned towards Sasuke.  “Orochimaru wanted something from you; a power that you hold that could make any vampire into the most powerful vampire to ever live.”  Sasuke narrowed his eyes in confusion.
            “What do you mean ‘power’?  What’s going on?” he asked.
            “I can’t even begin to explain it, it is so complicated.  Actually, the situation is so potentially dangerous that the Sheytes don’t believe I should be the one to handle it; they are sending someone over.”  Sasuke saw Naruto's eyes widen.
             “They’ve never done that before….who are they sending over?” Naruto asked.
             “They didn’t give me a name.  All the said was that she is from France and was syred by one of the Legendary Sanin.”  There was a very boyish grin on Naruto's face.
             “A French girl, eh?  You’re so lucky, Sasuke!”  Said boy simply grunted.
             “Please, she’ll probably be like all the other girls.”
             “Actually, I highly doubt she’ll be all over you like all of the other girls.”
             “But if she is, and Sasuke doesn’t want her, I’ll give her the ole Naruto charm!  She’ll love me!”  Sasuke grunted and hit him over the head.
             “Dobe, you have Hinata, remember?”
             “Don’t even think about it, Naruto!” Iruka barked.  “If she was syred by a Sanin, she’ll be incredibly strong; think about how much it will hurt if she were to hit you on the head.”  Naruto merely shrugged.
             “Who are the “Legendary Sanin”?” Sasuke asked.
             “Well, there are only three of them: Orochimaru, Jiryah, and Tsunade.  As you know, you were syred by Orochimaru.  They are the oldest vampire still here.  They were all syred by the same man, Sarutobi, the first good vampire; he was destroyed by Orochimaru.  The three are extremely powerful, as are their descended vampires.  Naruto, that explains why you are stronger than most vampires, even though you are only half vampire; your father was syred by Jiryah.”  Naruto nodded, not really listening.
             “So, if what I can do is only about half of what my father could do, than that means…” his voice trailed off; his gaze slowly made its way towards Sasuke.  Iruka seemed to understand.
             “Sasuke will be practically unstoppable if brought up properly.”
            “So when is this girl supposed to be here anyway?” Sasuke asked nonchalantly.  Iruka shook his head.
              “They didn’t say that either,” he answered irritably.  
             “They don’t say much of anything, do they?” Naruto wondered aloud.

             “No, please, leave me alone!”
             Sure, she was screaming (in Sasuke’s sensitive ears, mind you) but he wasn’t really paying much attention.  His complete focus was on the alluring aroma coming from a spot on the young girl’s neck (and he wasn’t talking about her perfume).  He had the girl pinned against the wall by her arms and he had a firm hold on her.  Sasuke took another long whiff at the spot on her neck and practically sighed in temptation.  He could feel his fangs growing larger in his mouth, which told him that soon (very soon) he would have to bite into this pretty girls neck.  For the past three weeks Iruka had him on a strict diet of animals’ blood—which was okay, but human blood was so much more….satisfying.  Only once had he tasted another person’s blood in those three weeks.  It was a small slip-up in the first week and Naruto and Iruka had easily let it slip—but Iruka said if Sasuke ever did it again he would lock the boy up for an entire decade.  
But he could keep this one a secret, right?
               Sasuke could barely tell that his son to be snack was struggling to get free; his newfound vampire strength wasn’t going to let that happen anytime soon.  He slowly let his teeth and fangs lightly graze over the spot he would be feasting from, but not hard enough to break the skin.  His actions had forced him to shove his hand over the girl’s mouth because she had started to let out a blood-curdling scream.  He slowly licked over the spot he was about to bit into, not unlike the night he himself was attacked by a vampire.
As he opened his mouth wide, he was forcefully yanked off of his victim and taken to the ground by two bodies.  He already knew that it was Iruka and Naruto that came to stop him.
                “Hinata!  Get out of here, NOW!!” he heard from Naruto.  So that’s who he was about to drink from?  Before he had the chance to break free, they had already used their incredible speed to take him back to his house.  Naruto roughly shoved Sasuke into the nearest wall, leaving a slight dent.  His blue eyes were giving Sasuke the deadliest glare he had ever seen from the boy.
“What the hell, Sasuke?!  You almost bit Hinata!!”
                 “So?”  Naruto started to growl in deep anger.
                 “Naruto, that’s enough!  Let him go,” a feminine voice ordered.  The blonde did as he was told; both boys turned towards the new voice.  Naruto gasped.
                “Sakura, is that you?!” he called joyfully.  A girl their age walked into the room.
I know that this chapter is super long, but this won't happen for a long time, I SWEAR!!!
Yes, i finally introduced Sakura....sort of.....

I have camp this week so I dont know when the next chapter will come out.

Comments make me smile!
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